WPSC Pre Do Shortcode Tag


This is one of our two main filter for manipulating the shortcodes output. You can add your own custom logic to it to filter the shortcodes content based on your needs.

Parameter Type Description
$forward string|bool The original value parsed by the pre_do_shortcode_tag_hook
$this->validate_setting_fields($shortcode_data[$tag][‘settings’]) array An array of all the available settings.
$tag string The shortcode tag itself
$attr array The default shortcode attributes
$m string The default preg filter
         * One of the two main filters that allows you to manipulate the content based on your needs.
        $forward = apply_filters('wpscont/shortcodes/features/pre_do_shortcode_tag', $forward, $this->validate_setting_fields($shortcode_data[$tag]['settings']), $tag, $attr, $m);


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