WordPress Plugin

WP Shortcode Control

This WordPress plugin allows you to manage and
manipulate the output of any WordPress shortcode.

WordPress Plugin

WP Shortcode Control

WP Shortcode Control allows you to manage and manipulate the output of your shortcodes. You can easily replace the whole content, disable it completely, change just partial stuff and much, much more.

Shortcode management

Edit any shortcode

You can edit/manage any shortcode that is present in your site (also multisite) using WP Shortcode Control. Our free wp.org plugin includes many of the premium features like:

  • Deactivate a shortcode globally without touching the code or removing the shortcode manually anywhere.
  • Completely change the shortcode’s content and just display what you want to see.
  • Use our conditional logic to just apply your changes on specific posts or pages (Custom post types are supported too).
  • Replacing multiple contents. e.g., you can replace multiple words appearing in your shortcode’s content
  • Limit shortcode’s response. e.g., you can set the shortcode’s response to always return 50 characters maximum (Offset is supported as well).
  • Add Custom Attribute – our plugin supports adding custom attributes to your shortcode that will be applied globally.

Manage settings

Plugin Settings

We provide you with highly optimized settings to make more out of our performance. Down below you can find a list of our main features. We kept them as simple as possible to save your precious time:

  • Import / Export – our powerful plugin’s API offers smooth migration support. You can export and import the shortcodes with a single click.
  • Activate Translations – If you need translations you can activate our optimized environment for it by clicking a single button. By default, we deactivated it to save even more performance for you.
  • Display Remote Content – To make your start as smooth as possible, we offer you awesome information, completely optimized on your needs from our API. Because we respect privacy a lot, we made this topic optional, so you can decide what fits best for you!
  • Activate Error Handling – Should you ever have problems with our code, you can activate this button. It will display you possible errors inside of your debug.log file. (Honestly, we have never used it, because in general, it is really not necessary)
  • Disable frontend/backend crawl – To make crawling shortcodes easy, we offer you a backend and a frontend button to crawl the current page for shortcodes. If you don’t need them, just toggle the buttons.
  • Remove Plugin Data On Deactivation – If you want to get rid of our plugin completely, you can check this button. After you deactivate the plugin, all of our database entries will be gone forever.
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